Are Cashew Nuts Healthy For You?

Are Cashew Nuts Healthy For You?

Nowadays, it is a debatable topic that whether cashew nuts are considered to be healthy or not. There is an option to buy cashew nuts online. Flavoured cashew nuts are very popular in the market, and also cashew nut 1 kg price is not too more if you are buying it from online. Here, you will see the various important facts related to the cashews.

Cashew nuts are preferably considered as a delicately flavored snack, and you can enjoy it between your meals, or add to stir-fry dishes as well as salads. For nut butter, it can be a delicious ingredient. In many of the online stores, you can easily find cashews for sale. So, you can take a detailed look at the potential health benefits as well as the nutritional value of these

What Are Cashew Nuts?

Cashew nuts are generally those seeds which are shaped like a kidney. So, it mainly adheres to that fruits which grow on the cashew tree called the cashew apples. These cashew  are grown in Goa,Ratnagiri,Manglore and Kerala. In many parts of the world, Goan/Ratnagiri Cashews are most popular.

Cashews Lower Bad Cholesterol

It’s true that cashews contain saturated fat. However, most of the fat in cashews is unsaturated, that promotes heart health. A two-ounce serving of cashews provides 2 grams of saturated fat and 16 grams of unsaturated fatty acids. So, there is little need to worry about the eating too much cashews will increase levels of bad fats in your body. In fact, frequently uptake cashews lowers LDL and total cholesterol, creating them a heart-healthy  part of any diet.

Cashews Raise Good Cholesterol

The heart health advantages of cashews don’t finish at lowering low-density lipoprotein and total cholesterol. A group of researchers investigated the impact that eating cashews had on levels of excellent cholesterol  and blood pressure. Over the course of the 12-week trial, intense cashews boosted levels of HDL, the great form of cholesterol, and blood pressure. All the lot of reason to include cashews and different nuts in your diet.

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