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DIY Fresh Almond Oil: Quick Guide

It is no secret that almonds are benevolent for your health; they are great source for vitamins. However, it is often foreseen that derivatives from almonds such as almond oil are virtuous for one’s well-being. Almond oil has a multitude of health benefits owing to its rich nutrient content. It helps in reducing probability of heart diseases, reduces blood sugar and helps in reduction of body weight. It also keeps the hair, scalp and skin hydrated and nourished when directly applied. California almonds online sold by Dry FruitKart have the potential to reap premium quality of almond oil. Today we will be sharing a quick method to extract fresh almond oil at the warmth of your home.

Step 1: Gather all the equipment/ingredients at one place to avoid any last minute mess. You will be needing 2 cups of raw almonds, 2 table spoons of olive oil, a blender and a sieve.

Step 2: Put the almonds in a blender with their skin on. The skin of these almonds contain heavy amount of oil. Remember that the almonds must be dry and fresh. These almonds must be blended at slow pace for initial 30 seconds. You must gradually increase the speed.

Step 3: You will notice that the mixture will start forming small balls. This is an indication for you to add the olive oil. Continue the process of blending. If it feels that the almond paste is still thick, you can add some more olive oil to it.

Step 4: You must check on the mixture timely while blending. It should have a uniform texture and must be consistent. If this is achieved, then you must add this mixture to a glass container. Make sure you store this mixture for at least 2 weeks at room temperature.

Step 5: After two weeks, you will notice that there is an abundant amount of oil present in your jar, while there are some leftovers of almond powder as well. You must filter out this oil in a separate container.

Step 6: Be assured that your almond oil now ready and can either be used for consumption or beauty. The leftovers still contain nutrients and can be mixed in salads, milk shakes and other dry-fruit rich recipes. You can also check our collection of other dry fruits which can be used to make a vitamin-rich dry fruit salad.

As mentioned earlier, almond oil is known for its multiple benefits. We strongly advise you to include organic almonds it’s indicate in your meals daily for a consistently good health. We wish you good luck for your journey towards a more fit and healthy body.

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