Dry Fruits: A Pregnant Mom’s Unique Friend?

Pregnancy is a very special phase in a mother’s life. Ladies get hear an infinite array of tips and tricks for passing their pregnancy with ease. There are special recipes laden with all sorts of nutrients that are recommended for the overall development of the womb. This includes the usage of our lip smacking dry fruits and nuts. Have you ever wondered why dry-fruits are so essential in a pregnant mother’s diet?

What is the importance of dry-fruits?

No one can deny the fact that dry-fruits are a treasure trove for minerals, amino acids, vitamins and essential fibers which could do wonders to a womb. Expecting mothers need good intake of antioxidants such as zinc, potassium and magnesium. Hence dry-fruits are recommend to pregnant ladies. Moreover, dry-fruits also other benefits that one might have never heard of. They include rich amount Vitamin A which is necessary for proper growth of a baby’s teeth and bones. Vitamin E found in dry-fruits is important for the development of baby’s lungs. Some dry fruits such as dates and prunes also give strength to the woman’s uterus. You can get dried pitted prunes online at DryFruitKart

Which are the most effective dry-fruits?

It is recommended that a pregnant mother includes sufficient amount of almonds, dates, cashew nuts, pine nuts and dried bananas in their diet. It is best to eat them raw as there is no nutrient loss. To help prevent morning sickness, these dry fruits can also be consumed in form of smoothies. One needs to blend them along with yoghurt. This is a good preventive measure against nausea and vomiting.

What should I know before consuming dry fruits?

You must ensure that there are no additional preservatives. DryFruitKart offers a plethora of dry fruits without any preservatives, which are safe for consumption. Additionally it is always important to take a note of all your allergies associated to dry fruits before purchasing a mixed bag. Please see all the contents properly. Buy proper dry fruits online India.

Dry Fruits are indeed harmless for a pregnant woman. They have multifold benefits. But, it is important to consult the doctor for safety precautions before any routine inclusions of these dry fruits in the diet. Needless to say, its consumption must not be only restricted to pregnant women as they are also benevolent for common people.

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