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Dry Fruits for Weight Loss? A Quick Start Guide

The obesity rate in India is increasing. Thanks to the availability of lip smacking junk cuisine mercilessly sold at the streets. Well, improper diet is one of the key reasons for weight gain, and when people are suggested to hit the gym, their fancies only last for a few days. However, it is often overlooked some alternate methods that could promote weight loss. For an example, frequent intake of specific dry fruits does prove impactful for weight loss. This article will explore how consumption of dry fruits will add to your benefit. You must remember that the things mentioned in this article will be helpful if you double them with a strict exercise regime.

How do dry fruits aid in weight loss?  

Dry fruits are involved with boosting one’s metabolism. They help to keep your stomach full for a longer duration than other foods, hence making you eat less. This is commonly seen with intake for dried-fruits, such as dried apricots, figs and grapes. Dates are one of the best snacks to prevent over eating. Dry Fruit Kart has introduced their latest product in form of Mejdour Super Jumbo Dates and you can check them out here.

It has been proven that people who eat more servings of dry fruits have lower weights than those who eat less.  To reap maximum benefits, it is advised to eat dry fruits early in the morning or before your workout. This provides you with energy for your day to day tasks. However it is also said that some dry fruits such as dates, prunes and walnuts lead to better bowel movements when also eaten in evenings.

Which dry fruits lead to maximum weight loss?

Dry fruits such as almonds and chia seeds make a good combination for weight loss. These take time to digest, hence help you to curb over consumption of non-essential fats. They can be included in salads and oatmeal as a proper meal. Flax seeds can also be mixed in your smoothies for accelerating weight loss. Pine nuts are rich in iron, proteins and mono-saturated fats. Moreover you can also include Pistachios in your diet, as you psychologically tend to eat less of these as you have to take efforts to de-shell each one before eating.

Which dry fruits not to include in your weight loss diet?

Some Dried Fruits often come with an additional thick coating of sugar, which increases the content of non-essential fats. Wondering ‘dried-fruits’ are? You can read our blog on them here. Some of these include Kiwi,Mango and berries. So it is important to check the sugar content before purchasing the packets. You can always purchase the low sugar versions of these dried fruits from Dry Fruit Kart.

In conclusion, it is important to remember intake of dry fruits does promote weight loss, but dry fruits alone cannot lead to it. Their intake must be complemented with exercise regimes, physical activity and other dietary restrictions.

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