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Fun facts about dry fruits you have never heard of!

We are left speechless each time we get to hear fun filled facts that we never knew. Take any common object, and I can assure you that there is an array of unheard facts which are mysteriously waiting to be spoken about. Being responsible for providing supreme quality of dry fruits and nuts online, today Dry Fruit Kart takes the responsibility of also shedding some light on some unheard facts about Dry Fruits. These facts have been listed below.

  • Dry Fruits were mummified as treasures in the Egyptian Civilisations: Who knew that Dry Fruits were once treasured? Well, after the death of Egyptian kings, dry fruits such as almonds and raisins were buried along with the body. These fruits were assumed to be enjoyed by the dead kings during their after-life.
  • Pistachios are known as ‘happy nuts’ in China & ‘smiling nuts’ in Persia:It isn’t a mystery that Pistachios are often ignored to be main stream dry fruits. However, if we were to personify this Syria born dry fruit, it would have a charismatic taste and a gleeful look. Thanks to its shape which resembles a smiling face. Thus, it is also honoured with title of the happiest or the smiling dry fruits in some countries.
  • There are six cities in the America named as ‘Peanut’:Americans are obsessed with peanuts and its by-products. Apart from 6 cities named ‘peanuts’, Americans celebrate a ‘peanut month’, a ‘peanut week’ and they have elected two presidents who were peanut farmers before. Ironically, ‘peanuts’ are not typically nuts, they are unclassified but for the sake of culinary convenience, they are considered as nuts.
  • England, popular for ‘English Walnuts’, never consumed them domestically, it was only exported: Walnuts are popularly grown in England. However, it has been a record that these walnuts were never consumed by the English population and were only exported to the middle-east. From middle-east, walnuts were sold along the ancient silk route to other parts of Asia.
  • The Date Palm was one of the earliest cultivated trees: Records on manuscripts and scriptures show that the dry fruits were used during the Mesopotamian reign. They cultivated date palm which was used as a syrup and best raisinswere used as sweeteners during that era.

We at Dry Fruit Kart sincerely hope that these facts did engage you with some. Did you ever think that the dry fruits which we consume daily could ever be so thought provoking? Indeed, dry fruits are amazing not only when they are consumed but also when studied in detail. With these facts, now you can also savour a bowl of our premium Iranian Almonds available exclusively at Dry Fruit Kart.

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