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Guide to Almond Milk: Switch To A Healthier Lifestyle

Almonds have a plethora of benefits for your health. They are loaded with essential nutrients such as fibre, proteins and Vitamins. They are also a fantastic source of various antioxidants which help to prevent inflammatory diseases, cancer and rapid aging. It lowers blood sugar and blood pressure. We are also aware about the importance of milk to our bodies. Milk contains calcium which promotes bone and muscle growth, increases strength and is useful for skin whitening. Thus, when almonds and milk are mixed together, they can have a magical impact on our body.

What is Almond milk and how is it made?

Almond milk is an alternative to soy milk and rice milk. It does not include dairy milk, but has benefits similar to it. Hence it is lactose free and has a low glycolic index. It is prepared by sieving a blended mixture of fresh almonds, water, vanilla extract, dates and maple syrup in a muslin cloth. Tan Tadaa! Your almond milk is ready to be served. The product obtained is highly nutritious and useful. The pulp which is obtained can be used to prepare quick smoothies, cakes and deserts. In case you are wondering about to buy almonds online mumbai , then Dry Fruit Kart is your one click solution. You can get a variety of different almonds from different corners of the world.

What are the uses of almond milk?

Vegan Lovers, Almond Milk is best option if you want to stay Vegan and have Milk..

Almond milk can be best consumed during breakfast or as a quick snack. It can be used to make Jar Oat meal refrigerating a mixture of roasted oats, chia seeds, strawberries, banana, cinnamon, yoghurt and some milk for a night. Almond milk can also be eaten with breakfast cereal such as muesli, corn flakes and all wheat bran. Almond milk can also be used to prepare meals for a specific variety of people. It can be savoured by vegans, lactose intolerant and milk allergic people.

Sometimes, kids love to have flavoured milk and giving them dairy products with preservatives is not always your first choice. However, almond milk can also be produced in a variety of flavours such as strawberry, mango and banana. You just need to blend almond milk with some fresh fruit cuts.

Some people also use almond milk to garnish their salads by mixing it with their salad dressings. This is an impressive way to ensure a rich fibre intake. You can also use almond milk in soups to enhance the flavours.

What should I take a note of while consuming almond milk?

Almond milk is very nutritious, however if you are prone to kidney stones it must be avoided. Do not be shattered, you can still have it in regulated amounts occasionally. You must also note that almond milk might seem like a close substitute to dairy milk, it will not reap the same results while preparing certain food items such as bakery products. Some brands who manufacture almond milk add thickeners to it for making it more appealing. However these thickeners can be harmful if added in large quantities. Therefore it is advised to make almond milk by yourself as it will ensure that there are no compromises to its nutritional index.

It can be concluded that almond milk is a very versatile product with universal benefits especially for the people who suffer from lactose allergy/intolerance or people who are vegans. Most of the time it can act as a close substitute for dairy milk barring a few exceptions. Therefore for a nutrient packed alternative to dairy milk, this is your best bet. So you can take it from dry fruits online shopping.

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