Reap the most out of dates: Their key benefits

Date tree is one of the first cultivated plant in the world, hence it has been benefitting human life since a very long time. It is known to be first cultivated in Iraq. It has laid its roots in providing miraculous benefits for the ones who consume it. Dates can be dried or undried. Ones with wrinkled skin are dry, while the smooth ones are fresh. With their chewy and sweet flavour, they are also rich in some of the most essential nutrients. However, we have often overlooked their vitality. This article will discuss some key ways in which you can reap the most out of dates.

  • Dates have been proven as a remedy against constipation: For proper bowel movements, you must consider consuming dates in the evenings. The pulp contained within dates is good for gastrointestinal activities. Furthermore, dates are also good sources of fibre which help in preventing disorders like constipation. Hence you must make sure to include dates in your diet.
  • Dates act as a regulator of your blood pressure:Blood pressure is a common problem faced by adults lodged in a highly stressful environment. Thus, the high potassium levels help to reduce blood pressure levels. Mejdool variety of dates contain the highest amount of potassium. Dry Fruit Kart is also selling Mejdool Dates at reasonable prices.  We are major dates suppliers in mumbai. All the blood pressure patients out there, it is an opportunity for you to grab a pack of them.
  • Dates are beneficial for your skin:Dates are rich in vitamins such as Vitamin C and B complex. These help to boost the elasticity of your skin which further helps in its smoothening. Its anti-aging traits prevent accumulation of excessive melanin in the skin which leads to reduction in the number of dark spots and ultimately leads to more fair skin. It is also said that dates help in combatting wrinkles too.
  • Dates help in prevention of hair fall:Undeniably, dates are rich in iron. They help in prevention of hair fall since iron promotes polished circulation of blood to your scalp. The better the circulation of blood is, the stronger your hair roots are. Hence for all the concerned ladies, hair loss can now become history with adequate consumption of dates and iron rich food. To reduce teh hair fall you should take more dates or you can buy dry dates online.
  • Dates are essential for women during pregnancy:Dates are weight gaining in nature. Pregnant ladies require 300 more calories daily. Hence, dates contribute nutritiously to this. Also, the rich fibre content in dates does prevent pregnancy haemorrhoids. Not only these umpteen benefits for pregnant women, but also dates help in strengthening the uterus.

What is the best way to consume dates?

Dates can be consumed with other dry fruits such as walnuts, almonds and cashews. Dates can also be mixed with breakfast cereal for a healthy filler. Thirdly dates can also be blended with yoghurt and milk to make scrumptious milkshakes and smoothies. However, despite of all these innovative recipes, some people prefer to eat dates in their raw form, as they are.

What are the limitations, and who must not consume dates?

Dates are very rich in fats and are weight gainers. People who are battling with obesity must consume dates only in limited quantity. One must always consult his/her nutritionist or a general physician before consuming this dry fruit.

In conclusion, dates are very helpful if consumed in a rightful manner. It is important to understand the benefits of such dry fruits and wonders that they can do for our body.

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