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The Secret Behind Raisins: How Are They Produced?

No one can deny the fact that raisins are delicious when eaten raw. They are defined by their juicy texture and subtle sweetness. Well, they are ‘Dried Fruits’ which are easily and cheaply available even in the remote areas. Have you ever wondered how are these raisins produced? Are they harvested and eaten or is there a series of processes involved?

It is the time for some ‘behind the scenes action’ as we explore how our favourite Indian raisins sultana are produced.

When did raisins originate?

Grace to the accidental discovery of fruit drying technique, today we are able to much raisins. Raisins were first produced by Egyptians in 2000 BCE. Some scriptures also suggest that these were used to pay taxes during that era. Indeed, its true value was best estimated by our ancestors. Raisin industry was established during the industrial era when vineyards realised that sale of raisins led too quick profits.

How are raisins produced?

Raisins are produced from different varieties of grapes. Grape farming is done throughout the year. It includes processes such as irrigation, fertilization, weeding and pruning. Grapes are harvested in the month of September. These grapes are placed on special trays in the same fields and they are left to dry in the sun for 3 to 4 weeks. Eventually the water content in these grapes is significantly reduced by 50%. There is a colour change to brownish. These are then transported to manufacturing units. It is here where they are made fit for our consumption. Dirt and other impurities are removed and inspections are followed. They are then transferred to the storage facility. Depending on the demand, they are further processed for impurities in order to ensure the most premium quality. Finally, they are packed into their respective packing and are distributed to retail units via trucks/trains/planes.

In conclusion, the process of making raisins has multiple steps. Human capital is employed  and mechanization in these processes is way too expensive and elaborate. Positively with an increasing demand for raisins and similar products, more employment opportunities are likely to be generated

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