What Is Better – Mamra Or Californian Almonds?

Nowadays, one of the important questions is that what is better between the Mamra and Californian Almonds. So, we need to know well about these two varieties of almonds for a better comparison. Also, there are a variety of reasons for which your diet guru will surely advise you to include nuts in your diet. These reasons mainly include fortifying your immune system, injecting vitamins in your system and also bumping up good cholesterol.

Among the list of nuts, almond is considerably at the top if their huge benefits are considered. It possesses abundant sources of nutrients such as fiber, Vitamin E, manganese, protein, magnesium, etc. Along with that, it is also loaded with antioxidants. You can again easily buy almond nuts online.

But, you need to know the fact that there is a presence of different types of almonds which are easily available in the market and also these types have unequal health benefits as well as the number of nutrients.

Mamra Vs Californian Almonds

On the basis of several research reports, it is concluded that the Mamra (Iranian) almonds which are organically cultivated without the use of chemicals. On the other hand, the Californian almonds are generally passed through a chemical process. As a result, the healthy oil content from the almonds is reduced by this process. So, it is clear, that the oil content present in Mamra almonds is much higher when compared to the Californian almonds.

Due to the chemical process through which the Californian almonds undergo, these are much sweeter, and that is why these particular almonds are much ideal for cooking. When used for skin and hair, almond oil is also considered to be very beneficial. So you can get this mamra almonds online.

My Opinion

Hence, my opinion is to preferably soak around 5 Mamra almonds every night in water. In the morning, you should peel the skin and eat them on an empty stomach for the best benefits.

On the other hand, the Californian almonds should be used for cooking and as body or hair oil.

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