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Why should you use Dry Fruit Kart as your dry fruit shopping platform?

When it comes to online shopping, customers are very cautious. They are immensely concerned about the quality, price and the reliability of the vendor, and indeed they must be. This blog will highlight some of the key benefits that a customer can reap when he uses Dry Fruit Kart as his platform for online dry fruits shopping in mumbai.

  • Specialisation: Many online vendors promote their platform as ‘all under one roof’, which is undoubtedly a just a good marketing gimmick. You must understand that e-vendors who operate in multiple product lines often fail to specialise in one category. For an example, these platform might have products from various categories, but they are not able to provide variety among these products due to logistical concerns. For an ideal customer, more the variety merrier his shopping experience. Hence, Dry Fruit Kart eliminates such a possibility of non-specialisation. As the name suggests, we only specialise in dry fruits. This helps us to provide variety to our consumers and ensure quality of our products. A blog section dedicated just to dry fruits also ensures that accurate information about our products is being passed to you.
  • Importers and Wholesellers : Based in the biggest Wholesale market,APMC Masala Market since 30years, we are Importing and procuring dryfruits products atdry fruits wholesale price rate from the producing centres of the world.We supply to Leading Five Star Hotels, Known Restaurant chains, Top Retail shops,Famous Icecream and Dessert Brands and many other places.
  • Different Modes of Payment Options:Many customers refrain from purchasing from online platforms as a result of limited payment methods. However, Dry Fruit Kart brings convenience to your door step by integrating cash on delivery as one of its payment options. If not online, cash on delivery will always suit your needs.
  • Branded Products at Competitive Prices:As part of our quality assurance, we offer branded products at affordable and reasonable rates. Branded products ensure that the nutritive value and quality is consistent and there are no compromises in their packaging and manufacturing. From Kharwalas branded chia seeds to Chilean imported walnuts, we offer it all.
  • Customisability: We also offer many subscription plans, ranging from quarterly, bi-yearly and yearly. You can customise your package with respect to the duration, variety and quantity. This will prevent you from the hassles of ordering every time and again. As part of customisability, we are also offering gifting and hamper options especially during festivals and wedding seasons. This brings a more personalised touch to your delivery.

These were a handful of salient features which make Dry Fruit Kart different from other vendors. We hope that our website does not fail to impress you. We are looking forward to collaborating with you.

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