Elaichi (Cardamom)

Helps Digestion and adds flavour to food.

Price : INR 180

Elaichi (Cardamom) – Origin India

Health Benefits

Elaichi helps speed up digestion, reduces inflammation of the stomach lining, fights heart burn and nausea. If you have bad breath and have tried every sort of remedy out there, give elaichi a try..

How to Select and Preserve

Properly stored, cardamom seed will generally stay at best quality for about 3 to 4 years. To maximize the shelf life of cardamom seed purchased in bulk, and to better retain flavor and potency, store in containers with tight-fitting lids.


How to Enjoy

Elaichis can be enjoyed on their own, Elaichi makes for an alluring spice with an amazing fragrance; not to forget, it adds to the flavour in just about everything. The bright green pods with black pearls can liven up any dish or dessert you can think of. 


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